Important Note:

• Any DuraVent product sold by a non-approved website will not be warranted.

• Any customer that has bought product from a non-approved website will not be given technical assistance or support from DuraVent.

An Approved Internet Seller is retailer with a website complying with the terms of our Internet Sales Policy. The following listed sites have been approved by DuraVent. Product purchased through these sellers will be fully warranted according to our Warranty.



     Xpress Fireplace and Stoves Logo

Want To See Your Site Listed Here?

Please visit our Internet Sales Policy page and fill out and return the Website Compliance Form.
In recognition of Approved Internet Sellers of DuraVent products, DuraVent will provide a prominent link on its home page of Approved Internet Sellers. This page will list Approved Internet Sellers, and provide a link to their website. An Approved Internet Seller logo will also be provided for display on the seller’s website.
Approved Internet Sellers will be allowed to use DuraVent’s trademarks and intellectual property, including DuraVent’s logo, product trade-names, photographs, illustrations and other DuraVent images.