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DuraPro®  Program

A DuraPro Dealer is a professional specialty hearth dealer who exclusively uses DuraVent's premium hearth products for venting solutions.

For Authorized DuraPro Dealers, DuraVent provides a wide range of marketing materials to support sales, gratis.

  • A $150 credit good for promotional items ordered on-line in the DuraVent Logo Store when signing up.
  • DuraPro Dealers receive 2% of total net purchases as a marketing allowance to use within the DuraVent Logo Store.
  • Priority placement on DuraVent’s website dealer locator.
  • Priority technical assistance by phone. Number available on acceptance letter or by calling your DuraPro Administrator.
  • Full color consumer brochures with chimney system features, technical illustrations of typical installations, photographs of products. Helpful for figuring venting system components needed for the job.
  • Full dealer catalog with all DuraVent products, descriptions, charts, photographs, component drawings.
  • is your source for exclusive DuraPro dealer information and support materials. Contains product information, installation instructions, marketing materials (printable PDF’s of catalogs, logos, product photography, etc) and the online DuraVent Logo Store, where you can access promotional items with the DuraVent logo and co-op your company logo in partnership with DuraVent. Jackets, shirts, t-shirts, caps, mugs, pens, portfolios, and more are easily available to promote your professional business image.
  • Large, full color DuraVent posters, displaying features, technical illustrations of typical installations, and photographs of product components.
  • DuraPro Authorized Dealer window decal.

Products Offered Through The DuraPro Program are reserved specifically for trained professional installers:

  • PelletVent® Pro
  • DirectVent® Pro
  • DuraTech®
  • DuraTech® Premium
  • DuraLiner®
  • DuraFlex® (SS lines)
  • Ventinox®

(Products available, but not exclusive through the DuraPro program, include DuraPlus, DuraFlex AL, DVL, DuraBlack, PolyPro and FasNSeal.)

Anyone can visit our store to find a wide variety of DuraVent logo products. Outfit your business with jackets, hats, dress shirts, beanies, t-shirts and work wear that can be used as uniforms for a great professional image, or customize items with your own dealer or distributor logo.