NEW Relining a Factory-Built Chimney Can Now Be Done Safely With a Listed System

Date: Apr 04, 2013

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M&G DuraVent is the first manufacturer to have a UL-listed relining system for factory-built chimneys to be used with solid-fuel appliances in the USA. When a homeowner installs a wood-burning insert into an existing UL127-listed fireplace, relining the existing chimney is critical for performance and safety.

What does the UL listing cover?
All 127, 103, or 103HT chimneys
Insulated chimneys- all sizes with 2” clearance
Air cooled - clearance based on diameter
All M&G Duravent UL1777 systems up to 8”
Flex does not need insulation!!!

Air Cooled Chimney Coverage:
Up to 8” I.D. chimneys with at least 1 ¼” wall (ex. 8x10½)
6x8½ is OK, 8x11 is OK
Up to 8” I.D. chimneys require at least 1 ½” clearance
Larger chimneys with at least 1 ½” wall (ex. 10x13)
9x12 is OK, 10x14 is OK, 16x19 is OK
Chimneys larger than 8” require at least 2” clearance

Factory-Built Reline Kit includes:
Storm Collar
Support Bracket
Ventilation Disk
Centering Bracket
DuraLiner 12” Length
Flex Connector
Flex Length (25’ or 35’)
Adjustable Band
Flex Adapter

NEW Relining a Factory Built Chimney Can Now Be Done Safely With a Listed System