M&G DuraVent Introduces a One-Inch Chimney Solution For Canada: DuraTech® Canada (DTC) Available Now

Date: Jul 01, 2013

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M&G DuraVent is pleased to announce DuraTech Canada (DTC). This new M&G DuraVent product features a one-inch wall, yet meets the same 650°C/2100°F Canadian requirements as our two-inch HTC chimney system. Fully tested and listed to the rigorous and stringent requirements of the ULC S629 standard, DTC one-inch insulated chimney is ideal for use with both wood stoves & wood-burning fireplaces. As an approved all-fuel chimney, it can also be used in coal, oil, and gas burning applications too.

DuraTech Canada features 1" of high-temperature mineral wool insulation. This insulation minimizes heat loss through the chimney walls and can withstand intense heat. The free-floating inner lining is attached only to the male coupler at the top, expanding and contracting freely with temperature fluctuations. The external casing carries the structural load.

All DTC pipe lengths, elbows, and other fittings feature fast and easy twist-lock assembly with just one-eighth turn. DTC uses universal support hardware to speed up installation and to dramatically reduce the number of SKU’s needed in inventory.

New DuraTech Canada Webpage on www.duravent.com
Categorized under All-Fuel, DuraTech Canada product information is available on the M&G DuraVent website. Product specifications, literature, and more are available on the DuraTech Canada product page.

New DuraTech Canada Catalog
The DuraTech Canada Catalog is available online under the literature tab within the DuraTech Canada product page.

New DuraTech Canada Sales Sheet Available
Sales sheet contains applications, diameters, clearances, materials, construction, listings, and features and benefits information. Sales sheet (L876) can be ordered through customer service or downloaded online from the DuraTech Canada page on www.duravent.com.

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