M&G DuraVent Designs New Website Tool: Product Director

Date: Aug 30, 2013

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M&G DuraVent continues its commitment to improving product and customer experience by designing a new website tool: an online product director. Designed for those who are unsure which product to use, this user-friendly tool helps determine the most appropriate M&G DuraVent product line for each unique installation. The product director’s recommendations are a result of user-provided answers for each installation specification.

The product director allows users to quickly and easily select the appropriate system for their installation, beginning by having them select the fuel type used: gas, wood/coal, pellet, or oil. Users are then asked several questions to better define their system and to provide them with the best product line recommendation for their installation. Installation variables range from:

  • type of exhaust,
  • type of appliance,
  • new install or reline,
  • high temperature or low temperature and more.

Once you have been directed to the specific product for your installation, you will see that the product page offers all the information you might need. Typical installation diagrams, installation instructions, brochures, catalogs, installation videos, and other helpful tools are available on the product page.

This is one of several new technical tools that M&G DuraVent will be launching in order to better assist customers with planning efficient and effective installations.