M&G DuraVent Invites DuraPro Dealers, Dealers, and Distributors To Compete In "What Were They Thinking" Contest

Date: Jan 06, 2014

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M&G DuraVent opens the 2013 "What Were They Thinking Installation Nightmare" contest. This contest invites DuraPro dealers, dealers and distributors to submit a photograph(s) showing a faulty and/or wacky venting installation with an accompanying witty description. The winner will receive 4 badges to attend the 2014 HPBExpo, hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah. First place winners will also receive 4 DuraVent hats and a feature on DuraVent’s website. Second and third place prizes will also be awarded. There is still time! We have decided to extend our deadline to the end of January (January 31, 2014).

Photographs must represent original work by the contestant and must conform to the decency standards established in the "Exclusions" clause within the contest rules and details. There is no limit to the amount of submissions.

As submissions are received, photographs and accompanying descriptions will be posted on DuraVent's Google+ page. Submissions can be emailed to DuraPro@duravent.com.

Winners will be chosen solely by DuraVent's selected team of judges, at the company's sole and exclusive discretion. The judges will evaluate all entries to determine DuraVent's choice. The judges will look at accuracy of content, content of photography, and wit and entertainment value of the description.

For more information, contact the DuraPro Administrator at DuraPro@duravent.com or 800-835-4429.

Click here for contest rules and details.