ECR Authorizes M&G DuraVent’s Single-Wall PolyPro For Dunkirk Helix VLT and Utica Boiler SSC Wall Hung Modcon Boilers

Date: Oct 23, 2013

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M&G DuraVent announced today that it has obtained a key approval for PolyPro Venting Systems. ECR authorizes the use of PolyPro Single-Wall for Dunkirk Helix VLT 50/75/100/150/200/299 KBTU and Utica Boiler SSC 50/75/100/150/299/299 KBTU.

Dunkirk Helix VLT Wall Hung Modcon Boilers: Dunkirk is proud to bring you the most efficient, forward-thinking home heating solutions available today. Dunkirk’s “Vertical Laser Tube”, modulating condensing boiler features a revolutionary, vertically mounted helical fin tube heat exchanger, made of 316L/444 stainless steel. This self-cleaning design features wide, smooth waterways that help remove hard ware deposits and prevent scaling.

Utica Boiler SSC Wall Hung Modcon Boilers: The Utica SSC “Stainless Steel Condensing” high-efficiency, wall hung modulating boiler features a unique 316L/444 stainless steel heat exchanger designed in the U.S., for the U.S. This vertically mounted heat exchanger features wide, smooth water ways that help remove hard water deposits and prevent scaling, ultimately meaning a longer lifespan and better value.

PolyPro: An engineered system specifically designed for venting heating appliances. Gasketed joints require no primers or adhesives and easily assemble in seconds with just a splash of water. Terminations are designed for superior performance in poor environmental conditions. PolyPro is tested and listed to the ULC S636 standard in Canada and rated as a Class IIA, IIB, and IIC vent system. PolyPro offers the only double-wall polypropylene flex in the U.S., making it durable for relining masonry chimneys and factory-built chimneys. The product is also useful for relining B-vent pipe when retrofitting it to use as a chase. PolyPro is superior in performance and easier to install than PVC or CPVC pipe, which were designed for irrigation, not venting. PolyPro has been successfully venting appliances in Europe for over 15 years.

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M&G DuraVent is a recognized technological leader in the venting industry. All M&G companies, including DuraVent, exclusively develop, manufacture and market a wide range of flue and vent products in aluminum, stainless steel and plastic for the HVAC and hearth industry. M&G is the largest supplier of engineered venting systems for the high-efficiency heating market in Europe for 20 years. For more information, please visit

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A full-service provider of American engineered-and-manufactured hydronic and forced air products, ECR is recognized for its innovation, quality, performance and reliability and the only North American company to make and market all of these products under one corporate roof. ECR designs, manufactures and markets HVAC equipment including boilers, water heaters, hydronic system controls and furnaces in modern plants at Dunkirk and Utica, New York.

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