NEW DuraTech Square Ceiling Support Box

Date: May 09, 2014

Adobe Acrobat Document Product Bulletin

DuraVent has added two new support boxes to the DuraTech product line: Square Ceiling Support Box w/ Collar and Reduced Clearance Square Ceiling Support Box w/ Collar.

Use with flat, vaulted or cathedral ceilings where there is an attic space above. Supports can carry up to 40’ of DuraTech Chimney. The additional Insulation Collar now enables the support box to be qualified as an Attic Insulation Shield. The additional Attic Insulation Shield (DT-AIS) is not required with these support boxes.

Painted black. Comes with trim and insulation collar.
Starter section built-in.
Available in 24” and 36” box heights only.

Saves the installer money from buying and installing the additional Attic Insulation Shield required on other support boxes. Reduced Clearance Square Ceiling Support Box reduces the usual 2” clearance to 1” clearance per side.