Direct Vent Factory Built Reline

Date: Jun 05, 2014

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Relining a Factory-Built Chimney for a Direct Vent Insert Can Now Be Done Safely With a Listed System

M&G DuraVent is the first manufacturer to have a UL-listed relining system for factory-built chimneys. Our co-linear direct vent relining system can be used when installing a direct vent insert into an existing factory-built chimney. When an insert is installed into an existing factory-built chimney or b vent, relining the existing chimney is critical for proper performance and safety.

Note: Plate must be larger than the current pipe or conduit. Fold brackets into existing diameter to secure the high-wind termination cap in place.

What Does the UL listing cover?

UL All 127, 103, 103 HT chimneys or b vent
Air cooled - clearance based on diameter
Flex does not need insulation!!!

Factory-Built Reline Kit includes:
High-Wind Termination Cap
Two pieces of Aluminum Flex Lengths (exhaust marked red)
4 hose clamps