M&G DuraVent Releases New Product Catalog Update Online

Date: Jun 10, 2014

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M&G DuraVent has released its second quarter 2014 product catalog update. The product catalog, literature number L820, has been updated (web version only) and posted on the company website http://www.duravent.com. New product offerings or changes to existing products will feature red text next to the product name identifying the change and/or addition to the product.

As an industry leader, M&G DuraVent constantly strives to minimize ecological impact and observe practices in environmental sustainability. We will continue to make updates every quarter to the printed catalog online only. The current printed version of the catalog is the 2013-2014.

New Product Catalog

Featuring more than 4000 items, the 304-page, full-color catalog is a complete resource guide for information about the M&G DuraVent company and product offerings, including product images, illustrations, and descriptions; typical installation configurations; product ordering details; and warranty and technical information.

The catalog is formatted for easy product look-up and is categorized into product categories that is then further classified into specific product lines. For example, All-Fuel is categorized under the general color of red and is identified by different hues of red for ”DuraTech”, “DuraPlus”, “DuraPlus HTC” and “DuraChimney II”.

In addition to the update for the entire catalog and each product section, M&G DuraVent has released a quick reference PDF that provides all the catalog pages that have been updated. This quick reference is available on M&G DuraVent’s Literature Page under Company Documents and on the home page within the NEW Catalog Update box titled “Quick Reference Changes”.

The next printed version of the catalog will be available in January, 2015.