Type B Gas Vent Oval Spacer Kits

Date: Sep 20, 2016

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In an effort to provide easier access to the parts required for a proper installation, DuraVent now offers Type B Gas Vent – Oval Firestop and Ceiling Spacers as complete kits.

Oval Firestop Spacers are used to center oval vent in a minimum 16” on-center stud space and serve as a firestop at the ceiling level, required in multi-story installations.

Oval Ceiling Plate Spacers are used to center the oval vent where the Oval Firestop Spacer is not required.

An order of one (1), of the items below, includes two (2) spacers. Two (2) spacers are required for a proper installation, please refer to installation instructions for details. The cost of these items have been adjusted to reflect the complete kit; order numbers will remain the same, but stock #’s have been updated.

Please see below for details:

Specs and drawings of B-Vent Oval Firestop Spacer

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