DuraVent now offers FasNSeal® 80/90 Kits

Date: Sep 23, 2016

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Kits will include:

(1) FasNSeal 80/90 Combo Cap, (1) B Vent Firestop, and (1) PolyPro Pipe to FasNSeal Flex Adapter.
Note: FasNSeal flex is sold separately.

FasNSeal 80/90 is a unique, patent pending, system that exhausts 90+ AFUE condensing appliances with Type B atmospheric units, utilizing the existing vent.

For more details please see L358 Sales Brochure: http://duravent.com/docs/product/L358_W.pdf

FasNSeal 80/90 Kits Specifications

For current pricing and availability, please call customer service at (800) 835-4429.
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