DuraVent Receives Navien Approval for FasNSeal® 80/90

Date: Jan 11, 2018

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DuraVent has received approval from Navien for the FasNSeal® 80/90 System. This system provides a solution for retrofit installations through using DuraVent’s patented termination cap. The cap allows for a new, high efficiency, appliance to replace a less efficient appliance while using the existing BVent as a chase for FasNSeal Flex to be used as the exhaust venting for the new appliance.

Navien has approved FasNSeal 80/90 on the following appliances:
NPE Series Water Heaters, NCB Series Combi Boilers, NHB Series Heating Boilers.
Please follow Navien guidelines for maximum allowed lengths of SS Flex.

See www.duravent.com for Navien approval document.

Max Vent Lengths for DuraVent FasNSeal® 80/90 SS Flex Vent

Navien ModelVent SizeMax Length

Approved Duravent FasNSeal 80/90® Flex Vent Materials
FSFLEX-xx (2” FasNSeal SS flex vent)
FSASMM-PP-2 (2” PP-to-FNS adapter used at the appliance)
* FasNSeal 80/90® Kit sold separately

* Installations with Navien NCB-240E boiler models using the
Duravent FasNSeal 80/90® SS Flex Vent are only allowed at
elevations up to 2,000 ft based on the current CSA approval