INTRODUCING Oil Vent Pro For Oil Burning Appliances

Date: Jan 01, 2012

Adobe Acrobat Document Product Bulletin

Oil Vent Pro is a professionally engineered, easy to install vent system for oil boilers and other oil burning appliances. It features a smooth interior to reduce whistling and friction loss and utilizes a quick connect / release twist-lock design on the vent pipe that requires no tools. No sealant is needed on the vent pipe joints. Adjust the pipe’s shaft to the precise length needed - no cutting is required. Designed with a removable end-snout termination (no tools needed) for easy servicing and installation...replaceable if ever damaged. The strong outer wall prevents damage and denting. Paintable using high-temperature stove paint. 4” x 7” concentric. Backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

• Stylish clean look
• Removable exhaust cap – easily detachable for cleaning
• Removable air intake snout – for installation ease
• Continuous exhaust pipe – eliminates the chance for cross contamination
• Accomodates wall thicknesses up to 14”
• Concealed air intake – reduces the amount of exhaust recirculation
• Swivel end – adds adjustability
• Attaches directly to DuraVent’s L-Vent pipe
• Lightweight