DuraLiner® Oval Tee Branch

Date: Feb 01, 2012

Adobe Acrobat Document Product Bulletin

Enjoy the Installation Advantages with the Newly Re-Engineered DuraLiner Oval Tee...Now with Removable Branch!

DuraVent takes your comments seriously. By popular request, DuraVent announces the re-engineered DuraLiner Oval Tee, now with a removable branch. The feature has long been a favorite for our 6" and 8" Round Tees. The new design facilitates easier field installation of the robust DuraLiner product. The narrower profile allows installation in tight spaces less than 6" / 152mm.

The Tee branch is easily connected with 5/16 hex head fasteners from inside the building. This provides connection between Masonry Wall Thimble, Wall Pass Through, or stove connector pipe to oval DuraLiner. Single-Wall.

Refer to DuraLiner installation instructions.

Oval Tee Cap included.