DuraBlack Slip Connector

Date: Feb 01, 2012

Adobe Acrobat Document Product Bulletin

Updated with Trim Ring! No Tabs!


DuraVent has listened to you and has built in new features in the Slip Connector for our single-wall stovepipe. Comes with a Trim Ring and is assembled without tabs. The Slip Connector is used to adapt DuraBlack stovepipe to the Ceiling Support Box or Finishing Collar.

NO LOCKING TABS! The strong mechanical connection feature allows the installer to build the vent systen from the top down, in addition to starting from the stove when putting together an installation. Makes removal easier too.

USE WITH ADJUSTABLE SECTIONS. Can be used in-line to create a telescoping combination when used with a straight length of pipe. Adds 10" of adjustment to the installation. Expect a safe connection with this drip-free product. Available in stainless steel and black.