New Reduced Clearance Square Support Boxes For DuraPlus HTC

Date: Mar 01, 2012

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New! Industry First Enhancements
Reduced Clearance Square Support Box


Reduced Clearance Square Support Boxes
Part # C9036B and C9036D

• These supports already provided the smallest framing dimensions possible for 2" ULC-S629 interior chimneys.
• The compact 12" x 12" dimensions work where all those other 2" ULC-S629 simply cannot.
• A perfect "fit" for retrofit and even better for new construction applications where engineered floor joist systems encroach on framing spacing.
• A NEW integral attic insulation shield incorporated in the design means NO attic insulation shield required.
• Perfect for tight spaces and a great cost saver.
• VS 1" ULC-S629 chimney products that require additional expensive components for interior applications.
• Available 24" and 36" lengths are ideal where large volumes of attic insulation are required. Supports up to 40' of DuraPlus HTC.

We decided to raise the bar even higher for 2" ULC-S629 chimneys. Great Engineering never stops.

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