NEW PolyPro Flex through B Vent as a Chase. Retrofit venting for new, high-efficiency appliances.

Date: Jan 01, 2012

Adobe Acrobat Document Product Bulletin

When replacing a mid-efficiency appliance with a new condensing gas-fired, 90+ appliance, you can use the existing B vent (any brand) as a chase for the new appliance with PolyPro. The perfect solution for utilizing the B Vent already in place, just insert double-wall PolyPro Flex through the B Vent pipe, utilizing the convenient pull cone and terminate the system with PolyPro‚Äôs Skyline vertical termination. At the other end is the unique B Vent/PolyPro Support Cap, allowing for the connection of flex to rigid PolyPro lengths and elbows to finish the installation. For venting a single appliance (not for common-venting). ULC-S636 approved for Canada. For approval in the US please check with your appliance manufacturer.