DuraTech Finishing Collar with Mechanical Connection

Date: Feb 16, 2012

Adobe Acrobat Document Product Bulletin

DuraVent has listened to you and by popular request the finnishing collar attaches by mechanical connection. NO LOCKING TABS! This feature allows the installer to build the vent system from the top down, in addition to starting from the stove when putting together an installation. Makes removal easier too.

Now with new integrated collar with adapter, fits into the female end of the chimney pipe to provide a decorative black finish. Use on chimney pipe that is suspended with the roof support system or on pipe that is passing through a wall thimble. Provides connection to black DVL or DuraBlack.

• No separate adapter needed.

• All in one part, making it less expensive and easier to install.

• Drip-free connection.

• Screw the pipe to the adapter for a mechanical connection.

Old style Finishing Collar will be sold (inventory available until obsoleted.