NEW PelletVent Pro Parts

Date: Oct 10, 2012

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NEW PelletVent Pro Prairie Cap

There has been an increase in the number of pellet inserts in the market that require fresh air. Much like the same situation as a DirectVent Gas insert, the pellet inserts require a co-linear venting system. That is, a termination cap that both supplies fresh air and vents exhaust. M&G DuraVent has taken the style of our DirectVent Prairie Cap termination and applied it to pellet inserts.

You cannot use an aluminum DirectVent Prairie Cap for pellet inserts. You must use the stainless steel PVP Prairie Cap specifically designed for multi-fuel stoves. Yes, you can even use it if you are burning corn.

The PVP Prairie Cap is made from our patented super ferritic 444 stainless steel. The PVP Prairie Cap comes in either a stainless steel finish or a painted black finish. The PVP Prairie Cap is sold as a stand alone sku. You must buy the flex separately. There are no kits. You can use 304SS or 316SS flex for the exhaust vent when burning most fuels. If you are burning corn you must use the 444SS bio-flex as your exhaust vent. For fresh air you can use aluminum flex. Stainless steel flex is not required for the fresh air supply unless specified by the appliance manufacturer.

We offer the PVP Prairie Cap in two different vent configurations. It comes with either 3"x3" ports or 4"x3" ports. Some pellet inserts will require a 4" diameter exhaust flex when going above 15' in height or in high altitutde installations. In that case you need to use the cap with a 4" diameter exhaust and a 3" diameter fresh air intake. You will need to consult your insert manual for the proper vent diameter.

Cleanout Lid: Lid pivots open for cleaning. Three screws are removeable, leaving one rivet that allows the lid to pivot open and eliminates the chances of the lid falling or blowing off roof.
Available in stainless steel and painted black finish.
Available in 3"x3" and 4"x3" ports.

NEW PelletVent Pro Increaser

This adapter is used to increase an insert's 2" air inlet to connect to 3" aluminum flex. A lot of pellet inserts have 2" fresh air intakes. The fresh air inlet port on the PVP Prairie Cap is 3". You will need to use 3" aluminum flex for the fresh air. So if there is a 2" air inlet on the insert, the 2" to 3" fresh air adapter increaser will be needed.