NEW DuraLiner Insulation Kit

Date: Oct 22, 2012

Adobe Acrobat Document Product Bulletin

In our pursuit of customer satisfaction, we continually look at our products to see how we can improve them: either by reducing cost or making installion easier. In this case we have done both.

DuraLiner has been a well established product line of ours for relining masonry chimneys. We feel that when you have to reline your chimney, that DuraLiner is the best product available. It is better than insulated flex and insulated single wall stainless steel pipe.

The Rigid sections are UL 1777 approved to 0"-0" clearance. When installing DuraLiner, the first section used can be a flex portion that connects the insert appliance through the smoke shelf to the DuraLiner rigid pipe. The flexible sections are the only parts that require the installer to wrap in insulation and protect with stainless steel mesh. The insulation and mesh are only required on the portion of the flex that is inside the clay liner area of the masonry chimney or where the clay flue tiles should be. If it is not inside the clay liner area or where the clay flue tiles should be, then it does not need insulation. In the past, we have supplied a heavy duty insulation sleeve. It was way over engineered, expensive and difficult to install.

As of January 1, 2013 we will discontinue selling the two-ply insulation sleeve (Stock #s 7102ZC and 7104ZC). They will be replaced by a much simpler kit consisting of 1/2" x 5'ProFoil insulation and a 5' section of ProMesh. These are less costly and easier to install insulation componenet will give the DuraLiner flex section the same UL 1777 0"-0" listing.