PelletVent Pro Quick Release Adapter-UPDATED INFORMATION

Date: Apr 09, 2013

Adobe Acrobat Document Product Bulletin

We value our customer’s suggestions and we give them much consideration when creating or changing our products. A number of installers have asked for a PelletVent Pro stove adapter that will allow them to connect and disconnect the vent from the stove without using high temp sealant.  The issue was disconnecting the vent system from the pellet stove to make cleaning and servicing easier. It was difficult for the person cleaning the stove to break the silicone seal on our current adapter to disconnect the vent and then have to seal the adapter again when they reconnecting the vent. 

Our engineering department took a look at it and the solution is our new Quick Release Adapter. Instead of using high temp sealant on the stove outlet to prevent any smoke from leaking, we now have an adjustable hose clamp and gasket to form a tight seal. The hose clamp can be loosened and tightened as needed to disconnect and connect the vent to the appliance. 

A quick and easy solution. We will offer these in 3”  and 4” diameters. At this time, a quick release tee is not available but engineering is working on it. In the mean time you will have to connect a standard tee to the Quick Release Adapter.

NOTE: These adapters will work on most stoves with cold rolled steel outlets. There are some stoves with a cast aluminum stove collars that will need to use our standard stove adapters. Use the Harmon Adapter for Harman Stoves.