Hearth & Home Magazine Features M&G DuraVent

Date: Mar 11, 2013

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Hearth & Home sits down with DuraVent's President and CEO Brooks Sherman for the March 2013 issue to discuss the current and future plans for growth and success. See part of the interview below:

Hearth & Home: What's next on tap for DuraVent? Do you have any thoughts about expansion, or perhaps moving into some new product categories?
Brooks Sherman: "Yes. Obviously we've just completed the Security acquisition, and we certainly will consider others in the future, but we are not going to lose focus on our core competencies. We are a venting company and that is where we want to keep our focus. We will be selective in terms of our growth, but we are willing to grow through acquisitions. In terms of domestic growth, we will be opening a new 140,000 sq. ft. facility near Albany, New York, this year; it will be used for East Coast production. Between that facility and the Security facility in Quebec, we will have a major East Coast presence. The New York plant also will be the home of our first manufacturing processes for PolyPro. 

Hearth & Home:What new products will we see from DuraVent at the HPBExpo?
Brooks Sherman:"We're doing some interesting things with a flexible liner that we look forward to showing the market at the show. I would encourage everyone to come by our booth and take a look at the progress we're making with flexible liners and their applications in the field.

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