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Tel: 800.835.4429 Tel: 800.766.3473
Fax: 707.446.4740 Fax: 518.463.5271
customerservice@duravent.com sales@duravent.com
Monday - Friday, 7am PST - 4pm PST Monday - Friday, 8am EST - 5pm EST

Grace Dunnett
Customer Service Supervisor
Phone: 707.451.7004
Email: gdunnett@duravent.com
Robert Empie
Product & Sales Support Manager
Phone: 518.649.9705
Email: rempie@duravent.com
Marie Schweitzer
Customer Relations Manager
Phone: 707.451.7001
Email: mschweitzer@duravent.com
Wayne Young
Design & Layout Engineer
Phone: 518.649.9725
Email: wayneyoung@duravent.com
Triston Davis
Customer Service Representative
Phone: 707.451.7008
Email: tschaffer@duravent.com
Tim Soto
Customer Service Representative
Phone: 518.649.9703
Email: tsoto@duravent.com
Kristina Ascencio
Customer Support Representative
Phone: 707.451.7006
Email: kascencio@duravent.com
Dan Dziamba
Customer Service Representative
Phone: 518.649.9774
Email: ddziamba@duravent.com
Rebecca James
Customer Service Representative
Phone: 707.451.7005
Email: rjames@duravent.com
Mark Clute
Customer Service Representative
Phone: 518.649.9702
Email: mclute@duravent.com
Jami McCulloch
Customer Support Representative
Phone: 707.451.7003
Email: jmcculloch@duravent.com
877 Cotting Court, Vacaville, CA 95688
Tel: 800.835.4429
Fax: 707.446.4740
Monday - Friday, 7am PST - 4pm PST
10 Jupiter Ln. Albany, NY 12205
Tel: 800.766.3473
Fax: 518.463.5271
Monday - Friday, 8am EST - 5pm EST