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Combustion Air Systems

Combustion Air System

The Combustion Air System (CAS) is a system designed to bring in outside combustion air directly to your wood or pellet stoves. This eliminates the use of conditioned inside air for combustion, improving the efficiency of central heating systems.

Combustion Air System is a patent-pending design that pre-heats combustion air. Inbound air is circulated through baffles around the heated areas of the support box or wall thimble. For PelletVent Pro, the pre-heated air is delivered down a wall channel to assure that the pellet vent is not cooled. For DuraTech and HTC, the preheated air is supplied between the stove pipe's 2nd and 3rd wall, while the 1st wall maintains high stove temperatures.

CAS enables outside air to be used as combustion air below grade. The wall thimbles for both wood and pellet stoves provide combustion air to appliances used in below grade (basement) installations. Wood stoves utilize the triple wall stove pipe. Pellet stoves utilize the adjustable air channel. CAS also minimizes downdrafts in below grade installations. It does not consume warm indoor air for combustion and not subject to oxygen starvation, poor draft and other problems associated with 'tight' energy efficient homes.

This system simplifies installation with only one wall or ceiling penetration, eliminating the need for a second penetration in the building envelope to introduce combustion air. The design is simple and elegant with decorative black finish. All products are factory finished in matte black.

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Combustion Air Systems for DuraTech and DuraPlus HTC Applications:
Triple-wall chimney system designed to provide air for combustion through its components. Provides a 3" air intake for the appliance.

Materials and Construction
.016" stainless steel inner wall.
.018" galvalume middle wall.
.018" galvalume outer, painted black.

6" clearance to walls. 8" clearance to
ceiling on horizontal pipe that runs
below the ceiling.

6" and 8"


Combustion Air Systems for PelletVent Pro Applications:
Multi-fuel system designed to provide air to the appliance for combustion. Provides a 3" air intake for the appliance.

Materials and Construction
Laser-welded, double-wall pipe with a .012" inner wall of 444 stainless steel and a .018" laser-welded galvalume outer wall. Primary metal-to-metal connection seals joint. Encapsulated o-ring provides a secondary seal.

1" clearance to any combustibles.

3" and 4"

c-UL-us (MH8381)