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Amount requested will be credited to your account with proper documentation and approval. You are not authorized to deduct this amount from payments. Allowances are for the fiscal year. Claims received by DuraVent beyond 30 days after the program year ends (December 31) will not be processed. Funds not utilized during the current year will not carry forward. See our Cooperative Advertising brochure for full details.

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Proof of Co-op Expense/Item

A proof of expenses is required to receive co-op credit. Submit copy of invoice. Also, when applicable, a sample of what you spent it on. (ie: photo of a T-shirt showing the logos, photocopy of an ad,etc)

Proof of Expenses


Fax: 707-446-1867

DuraVent Co-op Department
877 Cotting Court
Vacaville, CA 95688