Technical Support

DuraVent’s knowledgeable staff have the resources and knowledge to answer questions about a product or installation, and will take the extra step to give an accurate response. A dedicated product specialist is available to help with installation questions, proper sizing, codes, and solutions to venting problems.

Before calling, please remember to check the company’s literature library to see if your question can be answered there. Publications are available for immediate viewing at www.duravent.com. Click on ‘Support’ then ‘Literature’ to download literature as a .pdf file that can be saved on your computer or printed out.

Residential Product Technical Support
(All-Fuel, Stovepipe, Pellets, Relining, DirectVent, Gas, and PolyPro)
Monday – Friday, 7am PST – 4pm PST
Tel: 800-835-4429
Fax: 707-446-4740

Commercial Product Technical Support
(Special Gas Vent, Pressure Stack, Grease Duct)
Monday – Friday, 8am EST – 5pm EST

Working out the details
Every project is different. Each has its own specifications, and constraints. DuraVent’s Engineering Department services the needs of customers with unique requirements.

OEM Design
DuraVent also designs and manufactures custom parts for companies requiring venting goods specific to their products. Contact us for more information.

Commercial Applications
Commercial projects may require custom parts and unique system design. Personalized system design services offer comprehensive CAD submittal drawings and a complete bill of materials needed.

Many commercial applications require large diameter systems due to a unit’s size and output. There may be specific alloy requirements or adapters. DuraVent has the experience, talent and equipment to fabricate parts for most commercial venting systems.

Our Design Submittal Sheet will allow our engineers to design exactly what you need for your specific job.