WHAT IS ALL-FUEL? A system designed and built to exhaust wood, coal, oil, or gas fired low heat residential appliances. These systems are commonly called a “Class A chimney” or a “Factory built chimney”. These are mainly used on free standing stoves, furnaces, and fireplaces. This product comes in double wall or triple wall construction. This type of system is listed to UL 103, UL 103HT, ULC S629, or ULC S604.

DuraTech® 5"-8"

All-fuel, double-wall chimney system. UL 103 HT and ULC S604.

DuraTech® 10"-24"

All-fuel, double-wall chimney system. UL 103 & ULC S604.

DuraTech® Canada

All-fuel, double-wall 1" chimney system. ULC S629, ULC S604 and ULC S610. ONLY AVAILABLE IN CANADA

DuraTech® Premium

High Temperature, 2” Double-Wall, All-Fuel Chimney system. ULC-S629 & UL-103HT Listed by Intertek.


All-fuel, triple-wall chimney system. UL 103.

DCII Cover Image

DuraChimney® II

Air-cooled chimney system for masonry fireplaces. UL 103.

Woodburning Best Practices
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