PolyPro® Flex through B Vent as a Chase. Retrofit venting for new, high-efficiency appliances When replacing a mid-efficiency appliance with a new condensing 90+ appliance, you can use the existing B vent (any brand) as a chase for the new appliance with PolyPro®. The perfect solution for utilizing the B Vent already in place, just insert double-wall PolyPro® Flex through the B Vent pipe, utilizing the convenient pull cone and terminate the system with PolyPro’s Skyline Vertical Termination Cap. At the other end is the unique B Vent/PolyPro® Support Cap, allowing for the connection of flex to rigid PolyPro® lengths and elbows to finish the installation.

PolyPro is a polypropylene vent pipe for use with ANSI Category II and IV gas-burning appliances, including highefficiency water heaters, condensing boilers and warm air furnaces. Poly Pro is listed in Canada as a Class IIA, IIB and IIC vent system suitable for exhaust temperatures up to 230°F / 110°C, and a maximum positive pressure of 15 in-w.c.

Materials and Construction
Rigid pipe constructed of 2.2mm (minimum) thick polypropylene. Flex is double-wall polypropylene. EPDM or Viton gaskets.

0″ clearance to combustibles for exhaust temperatures up to 194°F / 90°C, and 0″ clearance for vertical installations up to exhaust temperatures of 230°F / 110°C and ¼” / 6mm clearance to combustibles for horizontal installations at exhaust temperatures up to 230°F / 110°C . PolyPro concentric vent system components, including concentric Horizontal Termination and Vertical Termination, are listed at 0″ clearance to combustibles for exhaust temperatures up to 230°F / 110°C.

2″ (60mm), 3″ (80mm), 4″ (100mm), 5″ (130mm)

Listed with the appliance in the USA, check with appliance manufacturer. Listed as a Class IIA, IIB, and IIC vent system.

Previously the CSA certification trademark was shown in error in conjunction with the PolyPro product – references have been removed.

Refer to our Typical Venting Installation drawings to select the appropriate component parts for your installation.

PolyPro Typical Installations

PolyPro Typical Installations