Ventinox VFT, made from 316Ti stainless steel, can withstand high temperatures associated with solid fuel fired heaters, as well as the corrosive environments typical in gas or oil vents. Tested and listed for all-fuel, and can also be used for wood, gas, or oil-fired equipment.

Ventinox VG is the ultimate choice for venting gas fired appliances, where highly corrosive condensate formation (hydrochloric acid) within the flue is likely. The super-ferritic AL29-4C stainless steel alloy exhibits extreme resistance to chloride pitting, crevice, and stress corrosion and cracking.

Ventinox® components are made from either 316SS (VFT) or superferritic stainless steel (VG). Components feature an integral locking band, avoiding the use of pop rivets. Liners and components provide a penetration free top to bottom connection.

When venting solid fuel heaters, Ventinox VFT must be insulated with either TherMix or ProFoil blankets to meet UL 1777 requirements. For all other applications, insulation is highly recommended for increased efficiency and draft performance. See the end of the DuraFlex SS for the insulation section to find information on our offering: TherMix, ProFoil, AluFoil Tape and ProMesh.